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Jupiter and the Moon Shine Together Tonight

  Image source   Opinion: Thea-Rick Wiser-Croop This was a great test of the "Moon Illusion". When Jupiter and the Full Moon were rising in the East, I used the ‘fist method’ to measure their apparent distance at roughly 11 degrees (your fist held at arm’s length is roughly 10 degrees, as these

There's more to this beautiful space image than meets the eye

  Image source   Opinion: Joseph2237 Beauty can be deadly. Most galaxies are gorgeous and compelling to look at from millions and billions of light years away. Should the future space traveler venture to close to a radiation source his hair may fall out the second day there. The point being we need

Scientists find peanut-eating prevents allergy, urge rethink

  Image source   Opinion: Rebecca This should not be surprising! The premise of gradually increasing tolerance to an allergen is the basis of desensitization injections commonly used for allergy relief. My great grandfather used to give my dad a tea made of poison ivy leaves, starting with the

Mummy Found Hiding Inside Ancient Buddha Statue

  Image source   Opinion: For Real Buddhism is not about God creator...even though gods are superhumans they still suffer from greed, lust...and perhaps some rebirths. The story of the last historic Buddha Siddhartha Gautama is that his elder disciple named MahaKasspa is still meditating in some

Fireballs spotted over western US as Chinese rocket burns up

  Image source   Opinion: Captain China has a 350% greater GDP growth rate and they created 25 million jobs last year. They don't have 18 Trillion in debt as they can't vote every nickel to of their treasury for Entitlements. China has a 14.5% Corporate tax with additional write offs, verses the US

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