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Human Nature May Seal the Planet's Warming Fate

 Human Nature May Seal the Planet's Warming Fate

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Slow changes are the bane of humanity. The metaphor of a frog in a pot being warmed slowly seems quite apt for the way humanity is struggling with global warming. 2014 is now the warmest year in the instrumental record. Even as the global warming hiatus continues and its causes continue to be debated — record temperature years have occurred during the hiatus, even though globally averaged surface temperatures have shown little change — the pause is not really a benign blessing to continue with our ways of consuming carbon-based fuels. Instead, we must finally change our entrenched way of thinking about this problem.





The analogy of the mice and man is off base. Humans do recognize scientific information and usually believe until some evidence shows up that casts doubt on the scientific prediction. That is what has happened in the global warming controversy. Originally, most people believed that CO2 emissions from the burning of fossil fuels were the major cause of warming. Why wouldn't they? There were many scientists who stated it and from many disciplines of science such as physicists, climate scientists, engineers, mathematics, glacier scientists etc,etc, However, all that changed when some of the data was found to be fudged and when predictions didn't match actual observations. Now, there are thousands of scientists and other people who have become skeptics.
One doesn't need actual temperatures to recognize that the earth temperature has increased. The skeptics point out that the climate has on average constantly increased since the ice age with periods or cycles from cooling to warming. Examples such as the medieval warm period and the little ice age come to mind. However, the earth has continued to warm. The earliest ice breakup of the River Tornio in Finland has been observed from 1693 to 2000. It shows that the earth temperature has increased on average from1693 to the present. The climate warmer groups point to this early ice breakup as proof that CO2 and humans are responsible. When the graph of the ice breakup is examined, it shows a constant earlier break up for those 307 years. However, if humans and CO2 emissions were responsible for earlier break up, the graph should show a change in the rate of breakup. Instead, the graph of break up shows no change in the rate. There is no change due to the industrial era and increased CO2. No reverse "hockey stick". Nata, zilch, zero. This is just another example of actual observations 
that do not show CO2 and human activity as the major cause of warming. 




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