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Does Humanity's Destiny Lie in Interstellar Space Travel?

 Does Humanity's Destiny Lie in Interstellar Space Travel?

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Paul Watt

i would think the thing to do would be to build space stations here and send them out first as automated flight,and set them at different intervals,while they are in flight you will need to start building space ships most likely nuclear power of some sort,but real space ships that once launched from earth they stay in space,to go from space station to space station,then as the space stations reach thier programmed location then you will need some type of artificial gravity or alot of mag boots,then you will need to start your on base food growth,whether it is traditional greens or high protein algae you have to have a sustainable food supply on every space station. you will want these space station near asteroid belts cause you can only take so much metal from earth so your first space station inhabitats will be scientist and miners to make materials to start the construction on the next space station and then the cycle starts over except the space station is the starting point for the next leap in space,so instead of trying to go from here to the next star lets try to colonize our own system and then expand slowly through the use of miner and civilian colonized space stations,we dont have to have a planet to land on to survive it will be great to have light speed travel but until then we can start laying out the supply chains to the stars 

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