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Prehistoric American hunters used spear-throwers to kill large prey like mammoths

  Image source   Ancient hunting tools Similar to bows, atlatls can propel flexible, pointed shafts — called darts, rather than arrows — at high speeds across long distances. Essentially, they were sticklike tools that contained a hook or spur at one end to hold a dart. By swinging

Cool Pacific Ocean Slowed Global Warming

  Image source   Opinion: Triple B They are referring to temperature changes which are less than the accuracy and precision of measuring devices. Before the 17th century , there were no reliable thermometers at all. . . . yet they report precise temperatures going back thousands, 100's of thousands

Does Humanity's Destiny Lie in Interstellar Space Travel?

  Image source   Opinion: Paul Watt i would think the thing to do would be to build space stations here and send them out first as automated flight,and set them at different intervals,while they are in flight you will need to start building space ships most likely nuclear power of some sort,but

650-Year Drought Triggered Ancient City's Abandonment

  Image source   Opinion: MR, Ed The Demise of the Cantona:
Instead of maintaining, modernizing and constructing water resource infrastructure, the Cantona government used tax revenue for unnecessary expansion of nepotistic bureaucracies and extravagant perks for the government employed elite.

Human Nature May Seal the Planet's Warming Fate

  Image source   Slow changes are the bane of humanity. The metaphor of a frog in a pot being warmed slowly seems quite apt for the way humanity is struggling with global warming. 2014 is now the warmest year in the instrumental record. Even as the global warming hiatus continues and its causes

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